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The stakes are often high, which is why we are still negotiating on behalf of our clients.



We present innovative solutions, customized and tailored to your business.



We wish to build a long term business relationship with you.



We have a global vision of the market to advise you better.



We design insurance products that best suited for your business.

SKY is the LIMIT

SKY is the LIMIT

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About Us

Assurance Collective Robert Vézina is a financial services firm specialized in group insurance benefits for employers.  


ACRV is motivated to provide professional high quality services to its customers. Our goal is clear. We want to maintain, strengthen and build a long term relationship with the executives of corporations with which we have already begun a business relationship as well as new corporations for which the leaders share the same desire and the same values. 


About us

Our Clients



  • The staff of small business, medium and large sizes;

  • Associations, groups, municipalities;

  • Senior staff, business leaders, key staff and executive;

  • Canadians working outside Canada on behalf of an employer or under contract (expatriates);

  • Others nationalities working in Canada (expatriates);

  • The professional performing hazardous work;

ACRV is directed by Robert Vézina and he is specialized in design conception and management for group insurance programs and special risks. The firm also offers annuity plans and the whole individual insurance products. 


Robert Vézina has been worked in the specialized field of group insurance and special risks since 1987.   During his career he has acquired a solid experience in group insurance programs.  He has represented international brokerage firms as well as provincial firms.  He is licensed under the Financial Market Authority (AMF) in group insurance and annuity plans and for individual insurance products.  Mr. Vézina holds a group insurance certificate issued by Laval University.  Also, he is the founder and the leader of a network of over 1,700 professionals on the web covering technical topics and specific trends in group insurance in Canada.


Our structure allows us to be readily available and respond quickly to client needs.  ACRV has an experienced professional’s team by his side to be able to meet requests across Canada.  The firm believes with conviction that a united team, composed of dynamic individuals each with their own strengths can work to reach the same professional goals as the entire group, bringing a significant added value to meet a high standard of services offered to companies that we represent.


Considering today’s factors, it is impossible to be efficient in this specialized field without an extended knowledge of:

  • Tax rules;

  • Legislative requirements;

  • Methods use by insurers to set their rates;

  • social and government plans


Professionals performing in this sector must be sensitive to this reality.


We offer creative alternatives to relieve rate increases often requested by insurers. To recap, our role is to ensure your safety as well as your employees and to be present in case of major claims and in the daily management of your program.

Group Insurance

Group Insurance

A dynamic brokerage service

ACRV conducts a thorough analysis of your needs by considering your expectations first and then we make recommendations. We conduct the market study, negotiate financial arrangements and prepare a renewal projection report based on historical claims from previous years of your group. Once your choice is made, we set up the implementation of the plan to ensure proper operation and remain available to you throughout the year to vouch the quality of service.


When setting up the program, employees can receive a detailed presentation in which are explained the operation and benefits of the chosen program if you wish. In addition, periodic follow-ups with the employer and the members are always available.


A second professional opinion of your program

ACRV offers a second professional opinion service of your program. Business leaders have every reason to enjoy this service even if they only get a confirmation that their structure of program is appropriate.  They also get an alternative in case of difficulties with the broker involved in their file.


This option may be used at any time during the year since the renewal date of their policy is simply a rating revision date. In fact, your policy is renewed from month to month. It demands no more than twenty minutes for the client to prepare documentation required to execute this study.

Types of programs


- Program fully insured (regular or standard);
- Program with retention (participation in profits and losses of the insurer);
- Flexible program;
- Modular program;
- Self-insured program;
- Multi-employers program

- Health Spending Accounts;
- Employee Assistance Program;
- Critical Illness Insurance

Special Risks

Special Risks

- Complete insurance for contractors and employees working overseas. (expatriates);
- Medical insurance for foreign nationals working in Canada (Impatriates);
- International students in Canada;
- Visitors to Canada.
- Insurance for the loss of income for contractors operating abroad;
- Medical insurance provides comprehensive protection for Canadians with more access to government plans.
- Complete insurance for journalists and engineers operating in a war zone, riot and insurrection.

- Specific losses for managers and executives of a company;
- Business travel for executives, managers and key personnel;
- Protection for extortion, kidnap and ransom;
- High limit and protections extended for business leaders and executive staff;
- Cover in case of disability to perform a contractual commitment;
- Protection of partnership agreement.
- specific coverage for critical illness with high limits for officers;

- Guarantees targeted at a specific loss, such as the hand of a surgeon operative, the voice of a singer, the voice of a radio or television, part of the body of a professional model and other specific loss (traded products tailored and adapted to situations);
- Cover in case of inability to perform a contractual obligation (a shooting, a major event, a boxing event, a spectacle, a conductor, a tour of a humorist, musical group, d 'circus artists and more!)

We design and negotiate on the international markets insurance products tailored specifically to the nature of the risk to be covered.

Group Retirement Services

Pension Plan

Your best access to products on the market



Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP): Employees receive the full benefits of an individual RRSP, while enjoying the gains from the collective administration.


Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP): The employer distributes a portion of its profits by contributing to the account of its employees. The employer contributions can be tailored to each participant and they do not suffer from the "payroll taxes".

Retirement plan contribution plans, traditional or simplified: The employer pays its employees a plan contribution that was predetermined, and not a variable fee based retirement benefits. Known for its simplicity, the simplified pension plan (SIPP) is ideal for small businesses.

Individual Pension Plan (IPP): A shareholder owner or member of senior management's interest to have its own IPPs. We're here to help realize tax savings for his company and for himself and his family.


Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans (VRSP): Quebec’s Government wants to encourage Quebecers to save more for their retirement while making it easier to access user-friendly and affordable savings programs. That’s why it adopted a law in December 2013 that will gradually require all employers who have a business in Quebec with five or more employees to offer a group retirement savings program for their staff. Employers will be required to choose a voluntary retirement savings plan (VRSP) provider, based on certain terms and conditions.



ACRV will:

Inform you:
- On federal and provincial tax legislation for group plans;
- On laws governing programs;
- On changes have occurred within the government plans;
- Some ways to optimize your program;
- Some important clauses that should appear into a collective agreement;
- On internal procedures for the management of your program.


Offer management tools such as:
- Press releases to inform your staff;
- A file for calculating payroll deductions and taxable benefits;
- Provide reports quarterly or half of your claims;
- Make prevention sessions to your staff.


Interact and respond to you:
- When negotiating your rates conditions;
- When restructuration of you program design is necessary;
- If a problem arises with your insurer;
- To ensure that your staff and you know you're in good hands;


Our Comittment

Our Comittment

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ACRV is committed to ensure confidentiality, security and protection of your personal information. We limit the use of personal information to obtain insurance coverage, financial services, management programs or employee assistance in the case of negotiating a claim. In no time, the firm will use your information for purposes other than for insurance products or financial services.  

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact directly Robert Vézina and we will respond as soon as possible.

Although we have taken all necessary measures to ensure the accuracy of the information conveyed, ACRV disclaims any liability arising from use of this site and the information it contains.


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